Just a Simple Watch will do!

Posted by Dimeta Jennings on

We spend a lot of time accessorizing our #OOTD with Bracelets, Rings, and Necklaces etc.  Yes these are accessory must haves, but what about the Watch?  As I look around the fashion industry I see alot of "Watchless Arms."  A Watch is one of those accessory pieces that makes a statement with little to no effort. They give that period or exclamation to the outfit. For some the Brand does matter, and for others it does not, that's what makes Accessories priceless. When it comes to the Watch it's all about Style! 

Check out a few Watches we Love from our Collection at Styledrestyled.com


Rhinestone Luxury Quartz Watch


Luxury Gold/Silver Trim Watches

Geneva Brand Analog Quartz Wrist Watches



 COMING SOON 7/16/2017

 COMING SOON 7/16/2017

 COMING SOON 7/16/2017

 COMING SOON 7/16/2017